CARS (Clubman Automated Rally System)

MSc Project 2003-2004
Matthew Jakeman
Lancaster University Computing Department


The CARS project is aimed at testing the introduction of automated safety systems into the world of amateur rallying. The system aims to make the communications between marshalls, co-drivers, safety crews (such as paramedics) and an administrator (probably the clerk of the course), who would oversee the whole process seemless, efficient and easier than it has been previously. By adding systems such as GPS to the cars and making this information available over a wireless network, everyone who needs to can view the positions of all competing cars which means accidents can be reported efficiently and everyone on the system can see exactly where it has occured so further accidents resulting from this can be avoided. This also means that the accidents can be reported directly to paramedics who can respond immediately to the exact location, and as the system will be computerised they can draw up any relevant medical information on the cars occupents before they arrive at the crash scene saving time in serious cases. Many additions to the system will be possible and the possibilities are huge, timing can be automated, co-drivers can have all the information about how they are doing in the rally (positional information etc) available on their tablet pc and many other applications can be developed.

Here are some example screen shots of how the application is expected to look.

Co-Drivers Screen

Co-Drivers screen shot

This shows how the system could be used to inform a co-driver at the start of a stage that another car is approaching the merge point and possibly display the speeds of both cars to help avoid a collision.

Marshalls Screen

marshalls screen

This shows the choices that could be presented to a marshall to let them decide how severe an accident is, according to the information entered here the system will contact the appropriate people and then they can respond as is needed.

Emergency Services Screen

paramedics screen

This shows how the paramedics can call up the details of the occupants of a car involved in an accident so they can deal with them more efficiently when they arrive.

In all of the interfaces above the maps would highlight the car that was involved in the accident for easier visual recognition.

There will also be interfaces for a systems administrator who will be able to input the stage maps, confirm timings and send these out to co-drivers etc but these have yet to be designed.

Any comments on this system are greatly appreciated and i can be contacted on email at

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